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Lynn Morgan

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"I would like to take a moment to thank you on behalf of the campers and staff of Aldersgate Camp & Retreat Center, for the wonderful storytelling that you provided for us this summer.  Each of the six week that you visited, the campers always had a story to tell about you and what they learned through your interaction with them.  You are truly a blessing, and we have truly been blessed to have you as part of our summer program.  You will never know what impact you have made in the lives of our campers, but you should feel good knowing that their lives have been changed in some way, due to your generosity and commitment to the ministry of Aldersgate Camp & Retreat Center.  Thanks again."


Deb Townsend

Executive Director Aldersgate Camp & Retreat Center

Lynn Morgan is an enthusiastic, energetic storyteller.  She has natural skill for spellbinding her audiences.  I have seen parents attend family presentations just to hear Lynn's "spoonerisms".  She often involves children in her stories which delights the students. Readers venture into another world in her presence.  It's a wonderful way for students and their guests to get hooked on reading.”  

Karen Jordan


Indian River Intermediate School

Philadelphia, New York 

"Lynn is a wonderful storyteller setting the stage for magic to happen."


"Lynn uses her quiet voice to create drama in her storytelling. In her quiet way, Lynn sets the mood perfectly for each story."

Bonnie Wright

Children's Librarian

Ogdensburg Public Library

“Lynn Morgan is a delight to sit and listen to. She not only has the children engaged but unsuspecting adults as well.  Who needs a book with pictures when you have Lynn!  Nobody tells a story like she does!  When Lynn speaks the tale comes to life. I have Lynn come back to the Nature Center every year, and I am never disappointed.”

Kimbrie Cullen,Environmental Education Assistant, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center

Workshop Participants took away these skills:  

·       Actual practice of storytelling

·         The active (gulp!) participation helped ease the jitters

·         Learning the steps to learn how to tell a story and hearing samples

·         How to get at the “kernel” of a story

·         Being able to convey stories to an audience – good for public speaking as well

·         All of it – very helpful and interesting

·         I now can  “remember” a story – the “story map”

·         How to present a story well

·         Possible ways of setting up ways to present a story

"Above all else, Lynn captivated a room full of eighth graders and maintained their attention for over an hour.  That, in and of itself, could be a story!  The visual aids that she brought in only added to the enthusiasm with which she filled the room.  She kept the audience engaged by having them participate frequently.  She also added the ever-popular element of humor through banter with the kids.  I know that they enjoyed having her as much as I did."

Lauren Zimmerman

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Carthage Middle School

"A friend, retired library colleague and vibrant storyteller, Lynn goes the extra mile! She works to coordinate stories to compliment the particular themes being highlighted at an event or program. Her hard work and love of folklore and the traditional literature genre combined with years of experience teaching in elementary classrooms and libraries has enhanced her skills to connect and present wonderful, cultural stories that appeal to young and young-at-heart alike!"

Camelia Moses, elementary librarian

“It was a pleasure to have Lynn present her wonderful storytelling workshops for us! Her inspiring examples and well-planned exercises made sure that even the shyest participants were able to try their hand at storytelling. This was a fantastic opportunity for our staff to learn a new technique to bring to their storytimes, and every participant left with a smile on her face! I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone wishing to learn storytelling in a fun and non-threatening way—or simply to anyone who likes to hear a great tale. “ 

Emily Owen

Youth Services Consultant

North Country Library System

“Lynn Morgan’s stories were interactive and engaging! The children enjoyed participating in the storytelling.”


Careyann Haluska-Hoch

Assistant to the Director/ Curriculum Coordinator

Caboodles Early Childhood Center, L.L.C.

Lyons Falls, NY

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"Lynn was an exciting and engaging story-teller.  She captivated my High School students.  Her high energy captivates audiences of all ages.  She is also an incredible resource for teachers."

(Kristie L. Fuller, IRCSD Theatre Teacher)